As some of you may know, MAMBI only releases about half to two-thirds of its stock to international sellers. And we think that’s silly! We’d love to help you get your hands on those items deemed “exclusive” to MAMBI and Michaels. So we will run some pre-orders; details below.

You’ll find items listed here that are nowhere else on the website. They look the same as any other listed item but are not currently in stock. You can purchase the items just like usual but they will not be shipped to you straight away. Instead, I will wait until the end date posted on this page and place the order for all the items pre-ordered. We then wait! The items will get sipped to me, I will re-package them and they will be posted out to you, in the usual way.

Occasionally, if the shipping costs have outweighed my estimate, I will email you to explain that the cost was higher than expected and ask for a further payment. If you no longer wish to purchase the item at that stage, a full refund will be offered.

If you decide that you do not want to keep the item once it has been shipped to you, refunds are available in accordance with my refund policy.

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