After 12 years as a professional in scrapbooking, Becky recognised that the memory keeping industry was taking a big hit. The down economy had a role in that, but she also recognised that the art of putting creative and elaborate scrapbooks together was a very difficult, overwhelming, and somewhat impossible task for a lot of people. She had a deep desire to simplify the process of scrapbooking for herself and for others. This is what brought her to the point of developing a system that made scrapbooking easier, faster, simpler.
At the core of it all, Becky Higgins recognises that scrapbooking is about so much more than fun designs and cool products. Their philosophy is this: Cultivate a good life and record it. They believe that every day is worth giving your best effort, and life is worth recording. The good times, the seemingly mundane moments, and even sometimes the tough experiences. All of this make up who we are and what we are about, and that is worth documenting and sharing.

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